Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Painting Adventure

     Carol Marine and I decided to embark on a short plein air painting adventure with trucks and planes as our main subject matter. She usually paints still life and I usually paint landscapes, so it was something different for both of us. We started down in Tucson, AZ at the Pima Air and Space Museum. We arrived late in the afternoon, but had time to make a quick tour. We ran around and found our favorite planes and ended up in a huge hanger where there were some old restored WWII bombers. There was a retired Air Force gentleman there who had flown these planes and he gave us the history behind them. He was very proud of the way Americans became a team during that war to do whatever they possibly could to win and save the freedom of this wonderful country. Women worked in factories and young teenagers were flying in these magnificent bombers to do their part in the war. We listened to him so long that the museum had closed and we had to get someone to unlock the door to let us out.
     We arrived back at the museum early the next morning and pick out our planes and started painting. It was very exciting to be able to paint these incredible machines from the past. I picked out a TWA plane because I'm old enough to remember the day when this airline was the largest in the country.

      Here is Carol painting what I had picked out as the ugliest plane I had ever seen. It was some kind of experimental plane with two props in the front. I loved it so much I talked her into trading it to me for one of my paintings. She is painting on the easel I invented (Art Box and Panel).

     Here is the other painting that I did that day. It struck me as being very small when I was standing in front of it.
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     We ended up leaving that evening and heading north to a Ghost Town just above Jerome, AZ. More about that on the next post.


  1. This is realy fantastic. It makes me feel like we can paint anything.Just like looking at Sargent. He could paint anything.Good job.

  2. Great stuff,James! I love your easel set up too!

  3. You go, James, I think you've found your muse - old planes! You really bring them to life. Can't wait to see your post on the Ghost town!

  4. I remember the TWA planes too. I like your brushwork and it looks like you could paint anything that is in front of you. Nice work!

  5. These are wonderful! I have become interested in old trucks since seeing Carol Marine's paintings of them. Planes would be amazing to paint. You handled the shapes and colors so well.