Friday, November 12, 2010

'36 Corbitt Truck

     This truck reminded me of something they would hall Nitro in for the mines, very slowly that is. I walked around the thing for quite some time before nestling back in between a huge old crane and another old truck; In a spot that the ground was soaked with oil. I liked the close up on it, but when I go back I think I'll try one a little farther back.
     The Ghost Town has two levels, the upper one has an old one piston Lumber Saw that still works. They also have a loud steam whistle they like to blow ever once in awhile. The guys working up there probably have way too much fun. I told Carol that if I applied for a job there, it wouldn't matter how much they paid. Ha!

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  1. Like what you are doing James. Fun painting those old trucks.