Saturday, December 24, 2011


     I am kinda missing my Kansas family this year because I haven't been back there to visit in many years. This is an old barn that I see when I go to visit my sister Liona Sue in Geuda. I think it has a population of 80 maybe. I grew up back there and it seems when I go back to visit, my feet always seem to be more connected to the ground. That must be why they say "Getting back to your roots", or not?


  1. Great barn. I like the spires, the deep, dark door shapes and the purplish sides. The shadows too. Great perspective. How big is the painting?

    Hope you had a good Christmas!

    PS Maybe it is time to visit Kansas again.

  2. What a beautiful barn. You really gave this one such a nice feeling and atmosphere.

  3. I'm an artist live in Wellington, KS. It's nice to see someone in the world other than us locals who know where Geuda Springs is. Great painting.