Monday, December 5, 2011


     This is a very enchanting place I found when I was painting over on the California Coast. I drove into an old hamburger stand overlooking these sort of beach shacks down along the ocean. I was painting the scene on top of a picnic table when someone drove up in a little car filled with their belongings. I overheard the person talking to someone about having to move out of this little beach colony. I went ahead and drove down to the beach and was totally blown out by the character of the place. I hiked and painted there many times during the Laguna Plein Air events in subsequent years. There was a movement to keep the area from being demolished and instead turned into a historic sight. I donated a painting to that cause for the "Crystal Cove Alliance"

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  1. James, you certainly captured that feeling of enchantment in this painting. I feel as if I am there and it looks like it should certainly be preserved. I have missed seeing your paintings and I am so glad to get to enjoy this one! Also, I love the way you painted the sky.