Saturday, July 30, 2011


12 X 16
     The next couple days it rained off and on. I took a hike part way down the Bright Angel Trail, which was a pretty good workout. The rest of the time I hung out with the dogs and we took some short hikes down a dirt road by the campground. It was really wonderful compared to the 100+ temperatures back at our house. Finally the sun came out on the last day. I climbed over a fence at this outlook to paint this scene. I had painted many of the views from the outlooks on past trips and wanted to do something just a bit different. I was lucky enough to sell this one on location.
Bright Angel Trail
Me with Jack and Lexi at campsite.
     When we arrived at this campsite there were three male elk with huge racks laying in the forest about 50 feet away.
Contemplating the finish.
     I didn't get a lot of production done on this trip, but had a wonderful time and was very spiritually up lifting!
     Oh by the way, I had time to check out the paintings for the DPW Challenge I issued and I'm very impressed with the paintings and proud of everyone for getting outside!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I understand why you sold it on location!

  2. I know why you sold it so quickly! Beautiful painting!

  3. Beautiful painting and lucky collector. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  4. James,

    This one is so beautiful. I love all the color and atmosphere. Makes me want to jump in the car, head north and hop that fence to the canyon.