Friday, July 29, 2011


8 x 6
     I made it out of the heat and up to the Grand Canyon. When I arrived I found that my favorite campground "Mather" was full and was told I would have to drive outside of the Grand Canyon Park to search for another. I decided to wait awhile there in the parking lot and luckily someone cancelled so I got a camp site that night and every night for 5 days. Only thing was I had to change sites every day. So if you decide to go there in the summer, try to make reservations before. Mather campground is the most convenient.
     The second day I hung out around the Bright Angel Lodge. There is a few museums, the Tovar Lodge, and many other attractions besides the great view. It was a little warm with the sun, so I found a shady spot along the rim and spotted this great "Rock Design".

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  1. What a great place for a lovely painting! I know why this sold so quickly as well!