Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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      I was just thinking while I was painting these strawberries..OH, OH. Well it just amazes me when I think of things in art that are so close to life. I was thinking of how as a beginning and growing artist trying to find a "style" or figuring out what and how I wanted to paint by looking at other artists. Artists in past history, but also more recent artists. I was always very judgemental and everything was black and white, I either hated it or loved it. As I got older and painted more, it seems like I forgot these questions and just painted what I wanted to paint, how I wanted to paint them. My appreciation of painting also widened. Even though I would never paint that subject matter in that manner, I still could enjoy it. It dawned on me how life is somewhat similar. A lot of time is spent judging other peoples lives, instead of appreciating the variety in life. Seeing other ways of living as individuals is so refreshing when I am not comparing to my own way of thinking or doing something. The other thing is that by being more open to these other ways, I can learn from other artists and other people all my life.
     Sorry, I'm usually not a philosopher. I think I'm saying this more for myself.


  1. Those are to-die-for gorgeous! Beautiful colors and light! :)

  2. You are so right. Every one has so much to offer us especially those who push our comfort zone. Art as well. Non representational art used to make me angry! I still don't quite get it but it helps me clarify what my goals as an artist are. I think the challenges in life, people art situations, teach us so much more than the easy stuff. Nice berries but I LOVE the fishing lures.

  3. Beautiful strawberries and wonderful commentary!!

  4. I already miss your musings on life...I won't be in your next class, but will catch glimpses of your thoughts here.