Saturday, July 7, 2012


   This scene is located a little ways north of Silverton, CO. There was an artist, Jack Stern who has lived there for many years in a one room cabin with his wife and 2 boys. They usually get snowed in for a few weeks every winter. He told me at the time that this is where Jon Claude Killy set a down hill ski record back in the day. I wonder if he was wearing his cowboy hat? Jack had a tenancy to tell a "story" once in awhile to had a little spice to life. It took a little four wheel driving and a short hike to get up here. It was one the the few places that I had been late in the summer that still had a good amount of glacier left.


  1. Gorgeous, majestic painting - my favorite of yours in a while.
    Am new to plein air, got all my gear and after only 2 paintings, a wobbly tripod and chintzy pochade box, I am lamenting not getting the Coulter system earlier. Expect to hear from me about that soon. :)

  2. Thanks karen, sorry about your equipment. Painting is difficult enough without having attention on your materials. The Coulter Plein Air System has become very popular and seems to work well for artists.