Friday, June 1, 2012


     This is the view across the road from my studio. It seems I'm painting a lot here at home. It's because it's handy and it's going to get too hot, soon. It was in the 90s by the time I was done today.
     I've also been excited about finding out that my Standard (12x16) Palette will fit into a medium size back pack (Kelty Redwing 50)! All I could find before were those huge Mt. Everest expedition types. This one is great, it only weighs less than 20 lbs. with all my essential painting equipment and has plenty of compartments for extra stuff (like the kitchen sink). It comes in s/m or m/l and has a waist adjustment strap to balance it on my hips.
     Here's a photo of it with my palette and wet panel box still inside.
     Here I am in the shade with one of m dogs, Jack. I'm using my 12x16 palette to paint that little 6x6 and I'm using the left wing to mix my sky colors. I love extra paint mixing room, that's one of the reason's I invented my Coulter Plein Air System.  (


  1. I love the colors in this painting. So warm and inviting!

    Why is it, do you think, that prickly cacti are so inviting in a painting?

    1. I think the Saguaros put off such a imposing silhouette, like something regal. Sometimes I think of them as Ballet Dancers.

  2. One of my favorite things from my class with you was this attitude you had for saguaros. I hear your ballet dancer name for them in my head still! Just because of their age I think they demand our remind me to also notice their gracefulness.

  3. Love the light in your painting. You mailed it perfectly.

    I have had one of your paint box systems for about 6 years now and really love it. It has held up beautifully.
    I used it in one of Carol Marines workshops and was pleased to see she is using one.