Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Canyon Edge

     When I did the original field study of this location I was dressed VERY warm. My boots were rated 175 degrees below zero. It took me a long time to find a pair of gloves from Cabella's that would keep my hands warm in these temperatures, but still give me some feel for handling the brush.
     Something that amazed me was the visitors to the Grand Canyon out there at sunrise with me and wearing only a light jacket with no hat or gloves. I could over hear the different languages being spoken as I painted. Japanese, Spanish, French, German, etc.


  1. The ones in the light jackets were undoubtedly speaking Minnesotan.
    Beautiful painting, James.

  2. This is amazing, that patch of warm sunlight captures me in this piece.

  3. Wonderful painting! I love the bold colors and brushwork. Ha, ha.....Minnesotan! My mother came from MN, and I sill have relatives there, so I can get that! :)

  4. so cold and so close to the edge. I would have had ears
    covered and never heard a word, but they were ALL
    saying what a gorgeous painting!
    wish all those beautiful colors came in a tube premixed!!!

  5. Beautiful colors! I like seeing your brushstrokes.

  6. This painting caught my attention! Love the colors, composition and the painterly brush stokes. Is this painting available for purchase?